We have the Experience

Every great design begins with an even greater story. Designs create culture, culture shapes values and values determine the future. At House of  Mien, we are a contemporary interior design agency embalmed with luxury, environmentally friendly and world-class home design as our hallmark, bringing life to your dream house design in grand style. Great brands are built through the consistent delivery of the brand and it’s messages through all touch-points. A strong, unified message reinforces not only who we are and why we exist, it also drives recognition, trust, success, and of course, ultimately, business growth. 

At House of mien, we tend to work with our purchasers to create an area that works impeccably for them, their life-style and also the individuals they cherish. We incorporate the wants and desires of the consumer to epitomise the best possible delivery employing a team of professionals.


To serve the African market with uniqueness in a world of design


At House of Mien, we are committed to providing and delivering quality services by engaging our clients on their preferences and combining them with modern advisory solutions that guarantee customer satisfaction.


At House of Mien, we work with our clients to create a space that works impeccably for them, their lifestyle and the people they hold dear. We incorporate the needs and wants of the client to epitomise the very best delivery using a team of professionals.

  • Complete project design
  • Small and Large Scale Remodelling
  • E design
  • Designer for a day
  • Source and supply of furniture, art pieces, accessories, etc.